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  • I am thrilled to be the proud owner of this book and have shown the images in it of the multiple screen sized options to group after group of web folks. It is, for me, the best new development since Jeff Zeldman and web standards!

    Pepper, comment on Five Questions with Zoe Gillenwater

  • The book by @zomigi is like absorbing the past 3 years of the frontend dev community in 300 pages. A+

    Paul Irish, developer of Modernizr and CSS3 and JavaScript guru, via Twitter

  • Brilliant book! Totally recommended for anyone like me who requires a clear explanation of why and how to implement css3 along with progressive enhancement techniques. And so readable.

    colonyofants, review

  • Just the book I've been looking for. Its project based approach with downloadable files from the book's website makes learning easy. ... So much vital info is packed into it... I also found it a vital reference listing loads of useful links under each topic for exploring the nooks and crannies of CSS3. Finally, with so much interest in Responsive Web Design now that CSS media queries are supported on A class browsers, it will prove an excellent introduction to anyone wanting to build a site that adapts to the multitude of browsing devices flooding the market... It's the right book at just the right time.

    Mountain Coder, review

  • The book is well written, easy to read, fully colored, full of extra-links of useful references and tools. ...deserves 6 stars!!

    Squire Man, review

  • excellent detail and very informed advice. A+++

    Paul Irish, developer of Modernizr and CSS3 and JavaScript guru, via Twitter

  • Definately my favorite CSS book in a long time. Maybe ever.

    Andy Hutchins, via Twitter

  •’s the last two chapters where the book really shines. A continuation of sorts from her previous book, Flexible Web Design, Gillenwater tackles media queries and multi-column layouts in a language that is accessible for CSS beginners while never alienating the CSS professional.

    Christopher Schmitt, author of dozens of web development books,

  • You'll like it :) Plenty of practical examples and techniques you can use every day

    Marta Armada, via Twitter