Although a great deal of effort has been made to check the text and code in the book, there are bound to be a few typos and errors. Listed below are the ones we've found.

If you find a problem in the book that you'd like to report, please drop me a note.

Chapter 1

  • pg 9: In the IE9 bullet, the text "what the other major browsers so" should be "what the other major browsers do."
  • pg 25: In Table 1.4, the rendering engine for Mozilla should be Gecko.

Chapter 2

  • pg 61: In the code block, "border-1width" should be "border-width" (no 1 after hyphen).
  • pg 72: In the last paragraph on the page, "list-style image" should be "list-style-image" (the second hyphen is missing).
  • pg 76: Figure 2.19 shows a diagram of the syntax for the linear gradient function, but the spaces that ought to be present in this syntax are too small to be seen easily in the image. The syntax in the diagram ought to look like this instead: linear-gradient(0 40px 270 deg, #000, #fff 60px, #000033 80%)
  • pg 77: The URL "www.webdesigner-wall. com/tutorials/css3-gradient-buttons" should be "www.webdesignerwall. com/tutorials/css3-gradient-buttons" (no hyphen in "webdesignerwall").

Chapter 3

  • pg 125: The URL "" should be "" (no hyphen in "borderimage").